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The Unsought Findings of Wearing Glass

Anne Buscher

The unsought findings) of wearing glass' explores the sentience of materials and objects. It is a further development of the project: “How to Find the Unsought Finding.”

The goal of the project is to undertake systematic material experimentations, observations and a documentation of all the (unsoughtifindings concerning glass in relation to the (human)body. A bodysuit made of glass, is the initial point of my research.  

Common Ray

Sabine Lintzen

In a never-ending stream of glass objects, Sabine Lintzen (Aachen, 1956) attempts to structure and organise the world around her by fixating and materialising thoughts into glass. Focusing on DNA-structures, cell shapes and microorganisms, the blown glass captures light and colour and the forms interact with the environment and react with the movement of the spectator.

Diverse perspectives continually uncover new connections and colour fields, resulting in a symbiosis between space and matter and light. Sabine Lintzen has acquired international recognition over the past few decades and her objects can be admired in exhibitions throughout Europe and beyond.